Welcome to the Marist Young Vinnies page !

This website was made to help Marist students understand what Vinnies is and to join if they would like!


The Society of St Vincent de Paul has a long and proud history of helping people in need in New Zealand.

In the almost 150 years since the Society has been in New Zealand it has in practical ways helped many thousands of people, easing their needs of countless types.

vinnie The society of Saint Vincent De Paul was founded in 1833. Its aim then was to help the poor in the slums of Paris, France. In its early years the society was for men only but in 1859 following a ruling from Pope Pius IX women could work in association forming a ladies Society of St Vincent De Paul. It was only in 1867 that Vinnies or the society of Saint Vincent De Paul came to New Zealand,landing in Christchurch were a women's group was also set up. The society was continued by the guidance of Father Chataigner and other early Marist priests. Father Chataigner moved to Timaru in 1869 to found a second conference there.However both these conferences were never formally affiliated to the international organization they still operated in accord with the philosophy. However in 1875 Jean-Baptiste Petitjean established a conference in Thorndon which was the first to achieve affiliation. Charles Gordon O’Neill was responsible after that for extending the society elsewhere in New Zealand.

Taken from the Auckland Vinnies page “the main focus of our work is ensuring that the social,economic and political pressures placed on those disadvantaged in our community are reduced,hundreds of homes are visited each year and assisted with furniture and food parcels."