Welcome to History

At Marist College you can choose from a range of options. If you choose to take History this will become a great asset to you as you will learn skills and become more aware of events that happened before your time and how it has effected your life with out you knowing. Taking History is a way to open your eyes, but also help advance you in certain areas that can help you across lots of subjects and improve your grades. Mrs Thornley is a great teacher and will develop your writing skills as said by Mrs Taylor who taught Mrs Thornley. Mrs Thornley, Mrs Taylor and Mr Mac all share a mass amount of experience with the topics.

A brief summary from the Teachers themselves.

Mrs Lauren Thornley: Studying History teaches you how to think critically and interpret what is true and what really happened so we can avoid things like 'alternative facts'.
Mrs Ann Dale: Everyone should study History because it looks at people. The decisions they make and how human nature repeats those actions all through out History.
Mrs Noeleen Taylor: History creates well-rounded citizens with an awareness of their past and also creates analytical thinkers with the ability to produce well-structured and persuasive writing.
Mr Mac: The value of history is the enjoyment of learning history. The importance of history is the people need to know that it is not just about the past, it’s about the present; how we got here in our present and that helps you to understand the present which helps you to make better decisions about the present because for example 2017 is the product of 2016.

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