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DoC standing for Department of Conservation, aims for New Zealand to be predator free in 2050. DoC says on theirwebsite that “Predator Free 2050 is an ambitious goal to rid New Zealand of the most damaging introduced predators that threaten our nation’s natural taonga, our economy and primary sector.”

It is important that we protect our heritage for future generations.Heritage New Zealand is in charge of protecting our past so that we all can enjoy them. They protect historic sites and buildings. It is important to protect our past as it is who we are, and it tells us about how our ancestors lived.

WWF New Zealand “campaigns for action to protect New Zealand’s endangered animals - like whales, sea lions, dolphins and seabirds - and funds community-based projects.” Their aim is to protect the endangered species such as Dolphins, Fur seals, Sea birds and Land birds. WWF partners up with Governments, businesses and people to encourage everyone to be environmentally friendly, their main focus is to get the people involved to teach them about how to look after the environment.

A Peacock on Kawau Island             A king penguin at Kelly Tarltons