Haunted Alberton House

All About The Ghost Stories of Alberton

Haunted History

So you want to know about the history of Alberton House?

Family Tree of the Kerr Taylor Family

Alberton House was built in 1863 as a farm estate, owned by the Kerr Taylor family. The house was passed down through the family as generations continued. Unfortunately, many of these family members passed away due to the lack of medical proficiency at the time.

Many sightings of those that are recorded in the family tree have been reported, especially women in victorian-era clothing, as well as many farm animals. One man even spoke to what is assumed to be the Kerr Taylor's first daughter, racing down the stairs to ask the tour guide who was in the room. What he was told? No one.

Many psychics have stated that the presences are not malevolent, which is likely attributed to the lack of tramatic history. All the deaths within the house were mourned, but not dramatically tragic.

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