Haunted Alberton House

All About The Ghost Stories of Alberton


Welcome to the Haunted Alberton house website! On this site, we explore the history and myths around the Alberton House! This site is perfect for you if you're a lover of the paranormal!

You can find the adress below, if you want to visit the house and report your own findings!

There are many ghost stories surrounding Alberton House, including Paranormal NZ's own sightings!

To learn more about ghosts, feel free to check out the "About Ghosts" section! We teach you exactly what you should look out for when it comes to your own ghostly endeavours!

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Finally, if you'd like to learn a bit more about Alberton House, consider checking out our "Haunted History" page or looking at some videos of experiences in the house and interviews with people who have seen the paranormal!