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Katti Program:

The KATTI Program is a leadership and development program which for high school students in Years 10-13, which helps with the attitudes towards your education.

This program has been running since 2002 and was initially set up to help young Maori students achieve well throughout school and earn workable national qualifications. During 1986, 53.4% of Maori students leaving school, left with no qualifications, showing that more than half of the students were falling in the education system. And over the years it has slowly gotten better with it now being at 21%.

Whakapiki Ake:

Whakapiki Ake Project is a recruitment program through The University of Auckland that engages with Maori students through secondary schools to help promote health as a career and enter the Faculty of Medical and Health Science program. They have a four-day academic program which is held at Waipapa Marae in the University of Auckland. It is for Maori Students who are interested in pursuing a career in health and have taken NCEA level 2 sciences, such as biology, chemistry or physics.

If you have are interested in a health career and take two sciences, you are able to apply and hopefully be selected. Whakapiki Ake also has academic support, in which they help you with credit mapping, study planning and learning new learning styles for students in Year 12 and 13.