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Maori students have an opportunity to gain their own scholarships, with a set amount being set aside for Maori Students. These scholarships are setup to help with financial support towards accommodation or school fees depending on the type of scholarship you apply for. This assistance helps ease the financial pressure so full concentration can be towards study. Approximately 4,000 scholarships are given out to selected students each year. It is always good to apply for scholarships and put your name into the hat as if you do not apply, I can guarantee you will never get one.

Here is a link showing the different scholarships available, with the values and closing dates of the application times if you were interested. Scholarship Information - Careers.


By simply searching up on your webs browser "Maori Scholarships" it comes up with unviersity requirements for Auckland and Otago. You are able to use these requirements to see if you qualify for these scholarships, which range with different requirements, different money worth for each scholarship, different benefits. However for a lot of the scholarships, you have to prove that you are Maori.