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Maori Culture is a culture that began within New Zealand and Maori people are the native people to NZ and culture in New Zealand has been shaped because of Maoris. In the beginning the Maori journeyed to NZ by canoes. The maori culture consists of many traditional things such as traditional Maori art, food, dance, stories and legends.

Maori storied consist of stories on how they believe New Zealand was created and on Gods that they believe play a part in the creaion on Earth. Maori people can be apart of "tribes" which are like Maori communities, as family are largely important to them. Maori Dance is important as each word and action having a meaning towards it, like Kupa Haka and the Haka, which is a traditional dance that is used today within the sport rugby.

The native language is very unique and is not commonly spoken within New Zealand today but is encouraged in schools in NZ and basic words are learnt throughout schooling. In 1840, a time where Maoris and Europeans were living within New Zealand a war broke out between the two, which is called the Treaty of Waitangi. The treaty of Waitangi was a paper that was signed by Maori Cheifs where the Europeans took over and owned some of the land, but there was confusion within the translation of the paper.