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Contact Information


For more information about the different opportunities at Marist or if you want any information about career pathways and scholarships, please see below:

Mrs Adams - Curriculum

Mrs Fowkes - Maori CoL

Mrs Brown - Careers Advisor

Mrs Menezes - NZQA Liaison Officer

Whaea Ngawai - Maori Teacher

Mrs Barwig-Uini - Year 7 Dean

Mrs Verschuur - Year 8 Dean

Mrs Leman - Year 9 Dean

Mrs Nicklin - Year 10 Dean

Mrs Papa - Year 11 Dean

Mrs Leggett - Year 12 Dean

Mrs Brook - Year 13 Dean

Every teacher in the school is important and helpful for any questions you have but these are the main ones for the Maori side of things and finding more about a certain pathway. Every teacher in the school is willing to help if you have any questions but the list above is just an idea of who you can go and see for more information.