1800's Fashion


Dresses were commonly worn in the 1800's one type was the bustle dress. This was one of the most popular of the 1800's. This is a cage like undergarment that adds volume to the dress, it goes underneath the dress and makes a fluffy affect. They were often made from straw and filled with cushions and a steel structure was added around for support, this was either sewn into the skirt or worn around the waist. It was considered to be very smart looking and was worn during the day.


The 1800's was a time of fine silks, linen and wool. Velvet fabrics were commonly worn by more mature women. Cotton was extremely rare and was usually worn by wealthy families.


The 1800's was a time for bright bold colours like peacock blue, purple, royal reds and apple greens. Evening gowns were often softer with pastels, cream and white being the main colours. They often used bright colours together to create clashes and produce a more striking and bold effect.


Bonnets with lace or ribbon around the chin were a common thing that ladies wore. They would be decorated with feathers, flowers. Chokers were also a common accessory which many woman chose to wear. Feather's and silk fans were also common. To read more Click Here

People dressed in fashion of the time People dressed in fashion of the time People in fashion from 1800's