Looking For Careers in Digital Technology?

What Do You Learn in Digital Technology at High School?

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In most High Schools in New Zealand, students learn Digital Technology. Some of the material that the students study is coding, photoshop, computer programming etc. Digital Technolgy is a very ineresting subject for students that are passionate about techology and who don't mind working independantly. Often students who take this subject at school are very good at folowing instructions and applying it to their own work. It is very imporatant for teens to have a knowlege about digital technology as the world around us is advancing everyday. This subject can also lead into some excellent career pathways in IT.

Fun Facts about IT

  • The first computer weighed more than 27 tons and was called ENIAC
  • There are around 3.2 billion internt users worldwide
  • Steve Jobs invented the first Mac product
  • There are over 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web today

Women are in Demand for IT


Women are in high demand in IT in most countries. For example in the UK only one-in-six tech specialists are women. Studies show that women make up 50% of social media and 50% of gamers yet not many women decide to work in the IT industry. As most women are very good at thinking critically and outside of the box, jobs in IT require this skill. The table on the left shows the percentage of women in each of the listed career paths and their median salary in New Zealand.

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