"We believe our values are integral to our success.
It's what we are about." -Trevor Burt


Nau mai, Haere Mai.Welcome to this website on the Maori Value of Tikanga. We in New Zealand always hear "Tikanga Maori," so what is it exactly?
Well, Wikipedia defines Tikanga as "The Maori way of doing things." Tikanga is different for different environments or groups of people, but it basically has to do with protocol (that's like the generally agreed way of doing things), customs and ethics surrounding a particular people, group or organisation's life. Tikanga is so important, not only to Maori, but to us today, because it is basically the rules for how we as New Zealanders live our lives and interact with others.
This website will give a little more information about Tikanga on the About page, it will detail what Tikanga means to Maori, both historically and today on the Tikanga for Maori page and will explain exactly why it is important to Marist College students and how we live it out in the everyday life of the school on the Tikanga for Marist page. Should you find yourself interested in Tikanga and wanting to learn more, the More Info page will lead you to resources with more information. When you are done exploring the website and other recommended sources, there is a Quiz page to test your knowledge of Tikanga. Enjoy your endeavour to learn more about Maori culture!