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There’s an endless realm of imagination, exploration and innovation, and the best part is, IT’S CALLING YOU!! The wonderful world of digital technologies is full of opportunity, and,unfortunately it’s currently short of women. So if you’re a highschool chic wondering what in the world to do with your life, take digital technologies at school,not only because it’s fun and you get to do so much cool stuff (soon to be mentioned), but because it opens up a whole world of opportunity after you leave.

This website aims to encourage more students to take digital technologies at school, and as a result enter the industry and become skilled employees. It will achieve this by informing high-school students about the different career paths that could develop if they take digital technologies at school, and why taking it at school itself is beneficial and exciting.
This website is aimed at high-school students between 13 and 17, who live in Auckland and have to pick option subjects for the next school year, encouraging them that digital tech is a rewarding choice. It is especially targeted at girls, due to the lack of women in the technology industry.

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