Lacrosse 101

It's Not Whether You Get Knocked Down It's Whether You Get Up.

Vince Lombardi.

Native Americans Lacrosse

 native americans playing lacrosse

Native americans originally played a game called stickball. The area they played in was huge and the size of the goal could be the size of 4 metres you may have thought this was an advantage but there was no limit to the amount of people playing so there were lots of people protecting the goal from the ball.

The game simply started with the ball being thrown up in the air and running to catch it first. The only rules were the ball couldn’t touch your hand and there were no boundaries.

The balls were firstly made from wooden then they were re designed to be covered in deer skin. The sticks over time were made to fit into the game better. To decorate their bodies they used paints and charcoal.

Lacrosse wasn’t just a game to play with your neighbouring tribes it was also used to toughen up young children for war and religious reasons.

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Federation Of International Lacrosse

Moving To Canada

Jean de Brebeuf wrote about the game lacrosse while working in st. lawrence valley in 1630. A demonstration of lacrosse was given by caughnawaga indians in montreal in 1834. A canadian dentist became very interested in the game and set up a lacrosse club and made some rules such as limiting the number of players having a rubber ball and redesigning the stick

New Zealand Lacrosse History

Over a decade ago, English and American emigrants didn’t won’t to give up their lacrosse sticks in the new country so the started to grow the sport in New Zealand. In 2000 a men's senior league was started in Auckland and then a year later a New Zealand women's lacrosse association was made. Soon after the sport grew in schools, clubs and national representatives. Now over 20 schools and 500 players participate in Auckland secondary schools league. It's estimated that there are 900 children learning and playing lacrosse throughout New Zealand.