The Environment

In The Harshest Of Places, New Life Can Still Grow

The environment is everything that makes up our surroundings. It is the air we breathe, the water we drink, swim in and which covers most of the Earth’s surface, it is the plants and animals around us.

We are ruining the environment every day, this can be by accidentally dropping your chip packet and not picking it up or driving the car to work instead of taking public transport. Scientists have been examining the ways that people effect the environment.

The Forest Waterfall, A Peaceful Place

There are many things we can add into our daily lives that are much healthier for the environment, there are also many things that we can cut out as well. We can easily cut back on the amount of plastic we use and opt for other options that are better for our environment.

Many animals are losing their lives because of our carelessness. We should think about the amount of trees we cut down and the ones we do cut down can be replaced by more trees. Global warming is increasing by the amount of greenhouse gases we produce, this is done through the fuel our cars emit and other things. To reduce the amount of fuel that is leaked into the air we could ride our bikes or take public transport.