Give and Take Balance

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Why is this Important?

Utu is so important because it is relevant to us in our everyday lives. Utu is a value that should be present in our relationships, friendships and the way we treat other and even the environment. It is important to know how we can make sure that Utu is present in our everyday lives.


In every successful relationship, there is a number of factors that influence the relationship. Some of these factors is trust, intimacy, communication, respect and loyalty etc. Utu is also extremely important when it comes to relationships because it is a balance which allows both partners in the relationship to be happy. A relationship without a give and take balance is often unsuccessful because there is no balance in power or one partner has more control than the other over the relationship. If both partners are actively contributing to the relationship by giving their time, love and care, then it is more likely to be a successful relationship as both partners are giving and receiving. Here are some ways that you can make sure that Utu is present in your relationships.

Happy Couple

Friendships and Family

Friendship is such an important aspect in our lives. You may have heard the saying "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves." This is a very true quote. We are given family and it is our job and duty to protect and love them. However friends are the family that we choose to love and nuture. This means that we have the freedom to choose who we surround ourselves with people that we know are going to benefit us by being there for us and that we will be there for them. It is important that we make sure that all our friendships are healthy, and that our friendships are enjoyable for everyone in the friendship. A good friend should be able to listen and talk, fun, loyal and honest. Family are people that have brought us into the world and the people that make us who we are. Family provide a sense of belonging, comfort and safety for us. It is important that we nurture our family because we only have them in our life for a limited time. Below are some ways we can make sure that Utu is present in our friendships (there are so many more ways).


The Environment

We are extremely blessed and privileged to be living in a peaceful, diverse and beautiful country. However, it is sometimes easy to forget that we need to take care of the land as it provides so much of our daily needs. Our environment gives us food, a place to live and life. This is why we need to take care of it and make sure that it lasts so that future generations may also get experience our beautiful country. It is important that there is a give and take balance because our environment gives us food, a home and life and therefore we should be giving our environment a chance to flourish. We need to treat our environment with love and care, just like we treat our family, friends and loved ones. Below are some important ways that we can take care of our environment.