Hi, I am Greg (ZL1GSG)
I first got licensed in 1983 in Germany with a limited license as DG3GBW. Upgraded in 1992 to a full license and the call DL2GSG. I got into HAM Radio as a result of my brother getting his license. Later I really catching the bug when I've did an intern ship for my engineering degree with a real contest mad HAM as my supervisor (DJ7FJ).
From there I've built my first 10GHz SSB transverter in 1986 and further on to moonbounce together with DJ7FJ on 70 cm in 1992 and EME at 1.3 GHz, 2.3GHz, 5.7GHz and 10 GHz.
Immigrating to NZ in 1995 I've made the first 10GHz EME QSO in NZ.
Now after a long break, I am back. Since a few years i've been mainly active during the contests on bands from2m up to now 24GHz.