Front of Alberton House

Alberton House

Why should you visit?

Alberton house is a beautiful mansion with wonderful scenery and gorgeous historical items. It's filled with all types of real items from a 1800 household, beds, dressers, dolls and cooking items to name a few. There are so many different rooms to explore. These rooms will give you a deeper understanding of what it was like to live in olden day New Zealand. Alberton house even has a gift shop!

If this wasn't enough to convince you to checkout one of Auckland's wonders, then this might convince you! Alberton house has a market day. With live music, stalls with yummy foods and plenty of people all in the beautiful grounds of Alberton house. Market day is every Sunday currently but check there official website to make sure (find that link in my sidebar). Please visit Alberton house I promise you won't regret it.