About this website

I had to create this website for a school assignment and I hope that this website is useful for who ever is reading this.

This website has been created to help students and teachers of Marist College to understand what Kotahitanga and the broadening term of Tikanga means. This website was also made to teach others to respect and learn from the Maori value Kotahitanga.

The first page will tell you about the meaning of kotahitanga and where it comes from. The second page will tell you how kotahitanga impacts you in your day to day life. The third page will teach you the basics on Tikanga and will give you further links and references for your studies and research into kotahitanga and tikanga.

Go; explore the other pages and learn something new!

‘Maori culture or “Maoritanga” in its modern form is … more than an end in itself, for it is also a stepping stone to adjustment to the new world’

- Victoria university of Wellington