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  1. What does Whanaungatanga mean?
    • A)Relationships that provide a sense of belonging
    • B)Give and take balance
    • C)Protocol

  2. What types of relationships does Whanaungatanga relate to?
    • A)All types of relationships
    • B)Family relationships
    • C)Only Friend relationships
  3. Maori design
  4. How can we develop our relationships?
    • A)Getting involved in the community
    • B)Joining groups
    • C)Stating at home

  5. What is a good way to create a relationship with someone?
    • A)Finding someone with the same interests as you
    • B)Through someone elses friend
    • C)Meeting them online using social media

  6. Why are these relationships important?
    • A)It is a part of who we are
    • B)To have fun
    • C)Because they just are


Mostly A's - Wow! Amazing job! You have a great understanding of what Whanaungatanga means. Remember to share all this information with your friends!

Mostly B's - So close! You have good understanding of what whanaungatanga means! Nice job

Mostly C's - It's alright! Better luck next time. Try reading through the information again or check out the more information page! You will find lots of helpful sites there!

Answers- Question1- A,Question2- A, Question3- A or B, Question4- A and Question5-A