Why is Wairua Important in our Wider Community?

Wairua is important for us because it affects our spirituality and wellbeing. In fact, most people consider Wairua to be the one of the most important requirements for both mental and physical health. What Wairua means to us is being in touch with the spiritual side of life. Wairua is the ability to understand the important links between people and the environment, it is important because it is the ability to understand and use your faith. For the understanding of faith you don't have to necessarily have a religious belief but most people do. Wairua is mainly shown in our closeness with the environment around us. All of the nature and people around us have a spiritual significance.

How does Wairua Effect Us?

Wairua is directly linked to our wellbeing, this means that by neglecting our Wairua we in turn neglect our health. People who do not have good encounters with Wairua end up becoming isolated from the people and environment around them and become gloomy and depressed. But there are good effects of Wairua too, for people who do not neglect their Wairua they end up happy and have good communication skills with everyone else. Wairua makes them more cheerful as a person and lets them have a better social life