How is used Daily?

It is important for you spiritually to be one with the environment. This mean that as you walk around and come in contact with trees and plants and animals you are helping your spirituality grow, Wairua is used daily in the way that it helps you be in touch with your environment and in touch with your spirituality. You Wairua is deeply involved with what your relationship is in your community, this is why Wairua is used Daily through interaction with those around you in your community, your Wairua is what is used when communicating with other so it is used Daily through every interaction that you have.

How can we use it More in Our Lives?

Some people disregard their Wairua and isolate themselves from the environment and people around them. This will have a bad effect on their health, spirituality and wellbeing. To use it more in our lives we have to have reoccurring encounters with the enviroment and people around us. To use Wairua more in our lives we have to be one with whats around us and learn to appreciate it.