Curriculum Statement

Computer systems and software are an integral part of the world in which we live, and few areas of our working and personal lives remain untouched by technology. The aim is for students to develop a broad technological literacy that will equip them to participate in society as informed citizens and give them access to technology-related careers. They learn practical skills as they develop models, products, and systems. They also learn about technology as a field of human activity, experiencing and/or exploring historical and contemporary examples of technology from a variety of contexts.

In 2018 the computer technology curriculum included binary coding, scratch programming, 3D design and printing, HTML coding, managing a computer, movie making and robotics.

This website will include descriptions, reviews, images and links for each unit.

Assessment calendar

Term 1 Week 3 Binary Code Group Project
Term 1 Week 11 Scratch Programming Cyber-addiction Project
Term 2 Week 3 3D Design Design And Create A Useful 3D Item
Term 3 Week 3 Web Design Practical Project
Term 3 Week 6 Managing A computer Manage A Personal Computer System
Term 3 Week 9 Movie Making Use Movie Maker To Make A Simple Video
Term 4 Week 4 Robotics Control A Robot Using Code
Term 4 Week 8 Animated Web Banner Create A Web Banner Advertisement

Group picture at ShadowTech

As well as this curriculum, some students chose to participate in ShadowTech day, taking a day off school to visit workplaces and experience digital technology in the workplace.